menu board at Krazy Jim's Blimpyburger in Ann ArborWhen I lived in Ann Arbor, I don’t think my rented housing was ever more than a mile away from this place. It was your average greasy, unhealthy, and really good hamburger joint. I also don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat there again thanks to geography and being too old to deal with high-fat cholesterol bombs. But anyway.

Sunday was fairly relaxing; did a bunch of laundry and made dinner. Moira meowed a lot. Stephanie came over with a bunch of vegetables and salad, so we had a nice and mostly nutritionally balanced meal. Totally unlike what you’d get at Blimpyburger.

Apparently, Kari’s thinking about having a correspondence page in “Shards of Glass in Your Eye #6″. I wrote a snarky letter to her, so she might publish it or parts of it in her next zine. Whee!