Moira sitting in her carrier, looking perturbedSix years ago, I found Moira wandering around outside my old apartment in Lansing. She’s not content, but she’s probably a lot happier here than she would’ve been wandering around outside in Michigan.

Wednesday, I had the day off. I spent it doing laundry, reading, and taking some canned goods to the food bank. Steve and Stephanie came over for the usual Rock Band 3, and we heard that Steve’s starting a new job on Thursday, which is excellent. Steve’s older son is apparently going to join the Navy, which might actually be a good thing for him. Stephanie didn’t sing or play guitar or drums; she brought her violin and tried to play the melody line on the songs we chose. This was apparently difficult on some of the “angry white boy music” songs.

Thursday had relatively ordinary work things, though there was a bunch of stuff that had piled up from Wednesday. No matter. Got the vast majority of it done/fixed/whatever.

Going on another mini-vacation Friday, which should be interesting.