cat devouring a piece of ham, caption 'Dis ham, you call it? You go. Get more.'Sunday, Stephanie and I went to Seaport Village, a little shopping center in downtown San Diego. This had a bunch of small independent shops, with a bunch of specialized (and highly priced) stuff. Stephanie bought me a coffee mug. We had lunch at a little seafood place nearby, and had shrimp, fish, and crab cakes. The food was really good, and it wasn’t all that expensive either. The seafood had probably been swimming in the bay less than 24 hours before we ate it.

Then we drove to Coronado, an island near San Diego proper. It was about 2pm when we did this, though, so there was no parking anywhere, so all we could really do was drive around and look at stuff. On the island, gas was about $0.20 more than in the city, and I’m sure prices in the stores were jacked up even more than that. The island was pretty. I’m not sure I would have wanted to pay lots of money for the privilege of being there, though.

We finished off the day by meeting Stephanie’s parents. I got a brief tour of their house, but Stephanie’s dad was very annoyed that I’d seen the place. Apparently, he hadn’t known that I was coming over. Anyway. We went back to the Viejas casino, since they said they were going to take us out to dinner there. They had a coupon for the buffet, or something. The main problem was that everyone else also had a coupon for the buffet, so the line was hundreds of people long, and they said it’d take at least 2.5 hours to get to the front. We didn’t have that kind of time. So we ate elsewhere. Stephanie bought a bunch of “tripod keychain flashlights” that were on sale in the outlet mall nearby, and I bought a couple of them too. I then lost $5 on video poker. Stephanie won $1, but she was playing for lower stakes and being more conservative. Anyway.

Monday, we got up and went to the airport. No trouble getting there or returning the car, but the San Diego airport is really cramped. They built it in a place where there’s no real room to expand, so everything’s set up for a 1980s level of traffic. Anyway, we got home without all that much hassle. Moira was glad to see me, and wanted to be petted a lot.