seal sitting on pipe, caption 'Amphibious monorail stalled due to defective seal'Spent the last few days taking a mini-vacation in San Diego with Stephanie.

Friday: Drove to the airport, flew out to San Diego, rented a car, and got to the hotel. This actually worked out pretty well. It was more expensive than driving, but it was also only 4 hours instead of 7 hours. Met Stephanie’s parents at a local joint where we had fish and chips. This also worked out well. Then we drove up to the El Cajon transit center, where we got on a free shuttle bus to the Viejas casino/outlet mall. Stephanie’s parents like going there because you can gamble or shop. We wandered around the stores and bought some stuff, then went back.

Saturday: We got breakfast, then fiddled around for a while before meeting Stephanie’s parents for lunch at a Chinese buffet near Sea World. This was pretty good, and not all that expensive. Then Stephanie and I spent a lot of money on tickets to Sea World. To get our money’s worth, we spent about 8.5 hours there and ate dinner there. No problem. We saw a bunch of the attractions, including the penguins, the sharks, the dolphin show, the tower ride, and the killer whale show.

We got to the killer whale show a bit early—good decision, because it was really popular. A guy sat next to me, and he had a huge tray of food and a drink. He balanced the tray on his knees and started eating, but a few minutes after that, he dropped the tray and food went everywhere. He was trying to clean it all up, and he almost knocked his drink over, but I saved it and kept it. He then went to get replacement food. I held on to his drink for about 15 minutes. I began to wonder where he was, since the show was about to start. Finally, about 10 minutes after the show started, he showed up again. He was glad that his drink was still there, and thanked me effusively.

Of course, I didn’t get any pictures of Sea World, because I’d left my camera in the hotel room. sigh.