sleeping cat saying 'Panic? I'm far too tired to panic.'Sunday was actually fairly relaxing. Did a bunch of laundry, made dinner, and Stephanie and I started watching the last season of “Babylon 5″. Didn’t have any work calls as of 8:20pm, and I really hope that continues.

Apparently, Bank of America recently sold my mortgage to another company. This isn’t that terrible; mortgages get bought and sold all the time. However, a recent thread on Fark had a law-talking guy saying:

there has been a massive call for Doc Review Lawyers (we are the migrant farm labor of the legal world, we are brought in when there are millions of docs to comb through in advance of huge lawsuit) in Charlotte NC—which just happens to be the Home of BOA. This tells me SOMEONE is preparing a Massive lawsuit against them and they may finally take it in the shorts after all.

This makes sense, actually. If Bank of America needs cash right now to defend against a massive lawsuit, they’d probably sell off some assets like mortgages that are being paid in a timely manner. I just hope this other company (Green Tree Financial Services, LLC) isn’t as evil and stupid as Bank of America has shown themselves to be.