cat getting a bath, looking annoyed, caption 'why you do this?'Wednesday was a lot more annoying than it should’ve been. A third-party vendor ran a DROP DATABASE on the main database we’re replicating, and that broke a bunch of our stuff. What really made me feel good was the way a “tech” said, “Oh yeah, there’s some instability with the system, so errors build up, and the only way to remove them is to drop everything and restore from somewhere. . . .” Seriously? This is a widely-used and pretty well-tested open-source database, not some Microsoft product. We’ve been running a set of much larger and more complex databases for years without needing to do that. It makes me think their application design and/or DB structure is totally pants. But anyway, that ate large amounts of the morning and part of the afternoon. The hassle also made it so that I couldn’t go give blood, which was also annoying.

Wednesday night, Stephanie and I went out to a nearby pizza place for dinner, which was nice. We had plenty of food, enough so that we both got several slices of pizza to take home.

Thursday started out a lot less hectic than most of the other days this week. And then I got a trouble ticket while I was eating dinner. It’s always something. Well, it only took about half an hour to fix, but it was really annoying. I’m really glad the week’s almost over. I don’t think I could handle it if every week was like this.