trilobite with mortarboard cap, caption 'old school'Anyhow. Friday was relatively normal at work. Apparently, Aaron hates spicy food, so instead of going to a Thai restaurant, we went to an Italian restaurant. I live for spicy food, so I find this a little weird, but whatever. I gave a presentation after lunch. This presentation explained the structure and functions of almost all the machines we work with, and did so using LOLcats. I basically can’t be totally serious while presenting stuff; I have to do something silly when talking about serious subjects.

Saturday was relatively relaxed. I got groceries, did some cleaning, and catered to Moira.

Finished reading Ghost Story. Well. Molly and Karrin aren’t doing all that well, Chicago’s suffering because the Fomor have been doing terrible things to the people of the city, the Corpsetaker got PWN3D, and Harry’s back among the living. OK then. The Bob/Evil Bob fight was left unresolved. This probably means that Evil Bob won, and Harry’s dealing with Evil Bob will be a reasonably big part of the next book. (This is overly pessimistic, but in the books, Harry generally has more bad luck than good luck.)