bunny yawning and looking distressed, caption 'Oh Noes!'There was a whole lot of stuff on Monday. I finally got to start reading Ghost Story, which is a bit of a departure from the previous Harry Dresden books, but still interesting and fun. And at work, we’ve got a new person in the cube farm, so that provided a bunch of stuff for us all to set up and explain. This should be good eventually though. And there were a series of silly problems with machines to fix, but this was all doable. Of course, the stock market had a giant cow. This is where I think, “It’s a long-term investment! It’s a long-term investment!” and resist the temptation to convert everything into canned food, firearms, and precious metals.

Stephanie and I both cooked on Sunday, so we pooled our leftovers for a big dinner tonight. Chicken, angel hair pasta, green chile enchiladas, potatoes, and strawberries gave us a virtual smorgasbord of food.

I’m going to the D-Backs game tomorrow night, and won’t be getting back until pretty late. This means there probably won’t be an entry tomorrow.