Friday was relatively normal. Mostly. Well, a restaurant near work was closed for some reason, which was sort of annoying as several of us had wanted to eat there. I also heard about a really, really stupid security auditor, and I’m really glad I’ve never had to deal with anything quite that brain-dead. Got results from Moira’s blood work; she’s totally fine. Had no luck finding out what happened to a package Mom sent me, which is. . . really weird.

Saturday should be slightly more interesting. A bunch of us are going up to Payson for Patty and Spencer’s housewarming-ish event. This’ll have food and drink and cooler temperatures since Payson is at a much higher elevation. Also, Patty sent us this link about BeyoncĂ© the giant chicken statue, so I put together a silly reference to that:
decorative chicken potholder saying 'I'm Beyonce's tiny cousin, bitches!!1!'
. . .anyway, this should be an interesting day.