Swedish violin with three rows of keys instead of free fingeringRelatively busy week. At least I had Thursday off. Tuesday, not all that much happened. Wednesday, I managed to get a free ticket to the baseball game next Tuesday, where the D-Backs will play the Astros. This should be interesting.

Also dealt with some software auditors who seem to have no idea how to audit Linux boxes. They asked for screenshots of various system files—not the files themselves, but screenshots of them. This doesn’t make any sense. They also wanted the /etc/shadow file. This is not done; /etc/shadow contains the crypted passwords for every account on the system, and giving that file to people is begging for stupid things to happen. I believe they wanted to make sure that our systems are using md5sum crypt, instead of the older insecure crypt, but. . . really? <SARCASM> Ah well, they have a system and a checklist; as such, they don’t need to know what the heck they’re doing. </SARCASM>

Wednesday also had Rock Band 3 at Stephanie’s place, instead of my place. I went over there a bit early to hook up the Xbox. We had Steve and Joy as guests, and dined on turkey wraps, chicken with garlic sauce, and vegetable shrimp. Joy had never played Rock Band before, but she seemed to take to it pretty quickly, and was singing 1980s music pretty quickly.

Thursday, I had the day off. I spent part of this taking Moira to the vet, where I spent about $200 on getting an “old cat blood work panel” done. Sigh. Well, I don’t know for sure how old she is, and she has enough attitude and hybrid vigor so that she could live to be quite old. Well, it was nice to have the day off. . . .