a set of Chinese bronze bells on a wooden stand with Foo DogsMonday! Well, it sort of comes around every week. It wasn’t that bad. I got a bunch of stuff done. But we also decided that we should have a meeting every Friday, and that there should be presentations in this meeting. And that I’d be doing the first presentation. Ah well. I don’t mind speaking in public, and I’ve got plenty of time to put something together since the first meeting isn’t until next Friday.

Not really that much else that’s interesting. As of 8pm MST, the whole debt limit/taxation/spending cuts situation is still unresolved. I think the legislature will get their act together and pass something that will keep things moving along for at least another 6 months, though it’ll take them until the very last minute to do so. If the USA’s credit rating goes down, then a whole bunch of very rich people who can afford to buy Congressmen will lose a lot of money, so it’s unlikely that any default will happen. I think. I Could Be Wrong.