duck breast with garnish at the Brass CafeSunday was less exciting than you might think. Stephanie took me out to lunch, and then we spent some time walking around downtown Tempe. I got a present for Patty and Spencer’s housewarming thing in early August. Stephanie found a store called “Candy Addict” that had just about every kind of bulk candy and candy bar ever made. I got a small pack of jelly beans, while she got a small pack of gum. It was really hot and humid, so we went home earlier than we might have.

I made dinner, and then it rained for about 15 minutes. That’s always good, but we wished it would’ve lasted longer.

Monday, I worked from home. Moira enjoyed that, at least. She got to sit on my lap while I tried to debug obscure problems with rsync and deal with a raft of software updates. It rained again in the late afternoon, but only for about 10 minutes.

Quartzsite, AZ is doing some seriously dumb stuff. I know, small town governments being as corrupt as rancid week-old roadkill is nothing new, but it’s just distressing to hear about things like this happening. What I’d like to see is every government expenditure made public. Seriously. Every check the {town, city, state, federal} government writes, every payment they make, every dollar they spend, and the names of every recipient of any taxpayer funds get published to the whole Net every month (or every two weeks, or something.) It’d cause all sorts of consternation. But it’d lead to better accounting, or at the very least to people keeping their malfeasance much less blatant.