stuffed chicken with cornbreadSaturday didn’t have all that much going on. It was a peaceful day, though Stephanie and I watched a couple of episodes of “Babylon 5″.

Sunday was a little more involved. I did laundry, got groceries, and made dinner. The entree above was a big part of dinner. I was going to make plantains to go with the chicken, but the plantains that I’d bought a few days ago weren’t ripe. (How do you tell if plantains are ripe by looking at their color?) So I had to improvise, and I’ll be having plantains a few days later, I hope.

Moira threw up in the afternoon. I was glad that I’d gone out to get groceries early, instead of late, because if I’d waited until 2pm to get groceries, Moira would’ve thrown up on the carpet.

Back to work tomorrow. Ah well, work pays the bills, and theoretically, I’ll be going on a week’s vacation after another week of work.