Tuesday had a protracted discussion of something that really wasn’t a good idea that also seemed really unnecessary. Oh well, maybe it won’t get implemented, or will get implemented in a better way. Also, one of the guys had a hard disk that he couldn’t read any data off of. I plugged the disk into a Linux box, tried to get stuff, and got:

Captain, I am detecting large quantities of FAIL in this sectorError reading USB device 4-4: -110 ; Unable to read sector 0 /dev/sdb repeated many times. Dang hardware problems. I suggested a few more things to try, but they required equipment we don’t have at the office, like a freezer. But anyway, this was a backup disk, not a main disk, so all the stuff is still recoverable.

Trivia: Was sparsely attended. Sarah had to stay home, and she said that if she couldn’t go to trivia, then Zach couldn’t go either. Nathan had a play to put on. Trevor’s in Las Vegas. Patty and Spencer are looking for one of their cats, who escaped a few days ago. And Stephanie and I left at the half because we’re going to go see the D-Backs play the Braves tomorrow.