cash cowMuch catching up. So: Sunday, didn’t do a heck of a lot. Went through a couple of episodes of “Babylon 5″. Monday, Stephanie and I went to see “Thor”, which was actually better than I’d expected. There was a lot of humor, as well as some in-jokes that only long-time Marvel fans would recognize (like the New Mexico billboard that said “Journey into Mystery”.) And then I cooked dinner, and then did some fooling around with computers, where I found out that Gentoo’s main repositories are having some trouble, so that the current stable version of portage can’t actually build the current stable KDE packages. No idea when that’ll be fixed….

Tuesday, I went back to work. This was reasonably OK, though I found out that something had stopped working a couple of weeks ago and nobody had noticed until this morning. Bleah. The thing is, it was a piece of the monitoring system that’s supposed to alert us to problems. How is the monitoring system supposed to watch itself? Who watches the watchmen? (The answer is not “Alan Moore”. . . .) There’s a way to do this, it’s just a tiny bit kludgy.

No trivia today. Trivia’s being held, but almost all of the trivia people are now in Maine, mostly for Patty and Spencer’s wedding, which is on Saturday. Most everyone’s taken the week off to go see them. When everyone was making trip plans, I didn’t know that I’d have a work furlough. So I had to decide between going to Patty and Spencer’s wedding, and going to see my family in June—I didn’t have enough vacation time to do both. Just when it was too late to get non-exorbitant rates on hotels and airfare, they announced that we’d have a work furlough. Sigh.