view from section 111 of Chase FieldWednesday, instead of Rock Band 3, I went to see a D-Backs game with Stephanie and Steve. It actually rained a bit on Wednesday, so they kept the roof closed. The game was fairly interesting. D-Backs took an early lead, then the Braves came back with a few runs. Then Ryan Roberts made it from second to home on a wild pitch, which was pretty exciting and sort of rare. At least 3 foul balls got hit into section 110, right next to us. No foul balls got near where we were sitting, though one fell a few rows up. This was the first time the D-Backs won a game that I attended. There were a bunch of loud people behind us throughout the game, though. It’s always something.

We left at 9pm, though, because everybody had to work on Thursday. The game went into extra innings, and the D-Backs finally ended up winning at 10pm. But it was a good, if slightly expensive, way to spend an evening.

Thursday had no baseball. Well, somebody sent out a mail to all of us saying, “I have 2 tickets to tonight’s game that I can’t use. Anybody want them?” I couldn’t go.