cat saying 'im in ur fridge eatin ur foodz'Wednesday started off great, with a monitor from work saying “OH @#$% STUFF IS BR0KEN!!1!” right as I was eating breakfast. Then the VPN barfed as I was trying to log in. I was eventually able to log in and get the worst of the problems fixed, but dealing with the cleanup took the rest of the morning. This sort of stuff has happened too often in the last few months. And then there were normal work things after that.

I fed Moira some new canned food before dinner, to see if it’d keep her quiet(er). It’s “Mature Adult” food, and instead of chunks, it’s mush. She seemed to really like it, and she was a lot quieter than usual.

So after work, we had the usual Rock Band, with leftovers instead of Chinese food this time. Stew, casserole, and garlic bread. Steve’s older son also has a job now, which should be useful and/or interesting. I got tickets for the baseball game next week, saving a few bucks. They seem like OK seats; hope it all works.