black and white bunny with spots that look like eyesThe last couple of days have been full of stuff. Wednesday had the usual Chinese food and Rock Band 3, with Stephanie and Steve. Steve’s got a ton of stuff scheduled, as his older son is graduating from high school, and he’s going to Comicon starting on Friday. That sounds really interesting, but I totally can’t go, mostly because I’m still on call for work. But anyway.

Thursday had a relatively ordinary workday. Many of my co-workers were working from home that day, so the cube farm was sort of empty. The A/C system is set to cool a space containing 4 or 5 people, and there was only one person there, so it was about 64° F in the cube farm even though it was 100° F outside. Figures, eh?

Eugene Mirman got really, really irritated about Time Warner Cable. I can understand why—lots of large companies that have a monopoly feel they can treat their customers horribly. I just don’t think it’ll help, even if it is sort of funny.