The Phoenix Ghostbusters's Ecto-1 replica car, with Beanie Babies all over its hoodAt First Friday, we saw the Phoenix Ghostbusters with their replica of Ecto-1. We talked to a couple of them; they were basically hanging out and collecting money for charity. They said they were going to make an appearance at Phoenix Comicon later this month, and gave us a brochure. They were also selling Beanie Babies. And apparently, Bruce Boxleitner is going to be at Comicon, which would be kind of neat to see. (He played Captain Sheridan on “Babylon 5″.)

Tuesday had some disturbing news at work. They’re planning on doing a few really stupid things, which will A) not make anyone any money B) cost a lot of money. In addition, everyone’s going to have to take a week of furlough. The first is actually more troubling. I don’t mind some extra unpaid time off. I do mind stupid, especially when it’ll make my life more difficult and cost money.

Trivia: We were doing reasonably well, or so we thought. Nobody knew who was President in 1914, though, which didn’t help. And apparently, Trevor’s now single. We didn’t get the whole story on that, though, because he wasn’t at trivia. At some point, we might get the whole story on what happened, or something. Patty and Spencer said they have to write their wedding vows. “Meow meow meow squeak squeak meow meow meow I do” is apparently not an option, though. (They have several cats and chinchillas, which is why she wrote that as a joke. . . .)