black cat looking annoyed, caption 'Invisible Bank Statement'My phone was ringing off the hook today with people complaining about various things at work. I thought I’d fixed them after finding a problem and killing a bad query that was sucking up a bunch of CPU for no reason. Nope, people still said that things were slow.

Then it was time to take Moira to the vet. This had a little more drama in it than usual; there were two people ahead of me taking in a dog that had just been hit by a truck. So Moira and I waited. Moira was mostly OK, though the vet found one of her anal glands was full and that was causing her some discomfort. Usually, cats don’t have that problem; it’s more of a dog thing. If it keeps happening, I might have to switch her to a high-fiber diet. (Even the cats need more fiber, sigh.) I don’t know what happened with the dog. Probably nothing good.

Stephanie wanted me to reduce the amount of leftovers in her fridge. So I went over there and had okra soup, noodles, duck, and various vegetables. And a few minutes after we’d finished dinner, I got another call from work. This time, it was something that was really wrong, but it was also something I could diagnose and fix reasonably quickly. It’s been a pretty annoying week. As I said to Stephanie, “Oog annoyed at thinky box. Oog need club. OOG BREAK HEAD WITH OPEN-SOURCE CD!!1!