Moira sitting on my lap, getting scritchedWednesday had no rock, because Steve had to go do something at his younger son’s school. Wednesday did have a neverending series of stupid problems, starting off with a bad failover right as I was getting on the bus that led to a bunch of stuff not getting processed. After I’d fixed that, there was a horrible problem that no one could figure out that was making a really important app take forever to do anything. Then there was a really weird problem with a command line script and a password that contained a semicolon, and we finished up with a password on another site that had been totally lost and nobody could remember it. So yeah, it was one thing after another, with no respite or time to actually do anything new and useful.

Fortunately, Stephanie invited me over to reduce the number of leftovers she had in her fridge. So there was at least one good thing about Wednesday.

Thursday, I’m working from home, since I’ve got to take Moira to the vet for her yearly checkup. No idea what they’ll find wrong with her. Probably something.