Half-Siamese cat Moira wearing a pink sweater and looking very annoyedFriday, Christmas Eve. Mom bought a pink sweater for Moira, and it was a lot easier than we expected to get the sweater on Moira. Moira also tolerated the sweater a lot better than we thought she would. Not all of the pictures I tried to take turned out well though.

After lunch, Mom and Dad took Stephanie and me to the Sea Life aquarium in the AZ Mills mall. This was kind of expensive, but it was actually not a bad little aquarium. The LCD monitors that displayed helpful information about the fish were all far below my eye level, though, and cheap enough that their viewing angles weren’t all that high. But the fish all looked healthy, and we got to see them feeding some of the sharks and rays. We also got to see the seahorses eating brine shrimp, which is more interesting than it sounds.

Stephanie took all of us to dinner at Golden Buddha. That was really tasty, and there were a ton of leftovers. After dinner, we walked around the Chinese Cultural Center and looked at some of their outdoor exhibits.

Tomorrow: Family celebration, mostly. The mass of presents under the tree is higher than it’s been in the past, probably because there are four people instead of three this year. Anyway. Spend some time with your family and/or friends tomorrow. And have a good time. There’s nothing like a little celebration during the darkest time of the year to renew your faith in (whatever).