bunny, ears at 180 degrees, caption 'Welcome to Bunway Airlines'Thursday had significant amounts of mechanical fail. My parents were supposed to arrive in Phoenix at about 14:30 MST, but were delayed for a very long time thanks to bad weather and didn’t get in until 18:11.

I tried to wash my car, figuring it would be no problem. Nope, the dollar bill changer wasn’t working and it wouldn’t accept any of the $1 bills I had. I had to go back home and ransack the place for quarters, since that’s all that car wash will accept. And I didn’t have enough quarters to wash the car and use the vacuum. How annoying.

And also, the lamp in my monitor is getting old or failing or something. After it’s warmed up for a few minutes, it’s fine. While it’s warming up, it flickers horribly. In my future, I see. . . a trip to Fried Electronics’s after-Christmas sale.

But anyway, after Mom and Dad finally got here, I served them some leftover chicken, pasta, and rolls, and they liked that. They were really tired from spending most of the day on planes or in airports, though, and didn’t stay that long. No problem. We’ll have plenty of time in the next few days.