EPIC FAIL: a fail so big it wraps right the hell around into winSo Wednesday was pretty normal at work, with the exception of one really bizarre problem. Somehow, a ^P (Ctrl-P, ASCII 0×10) got into an XML feed, so all the client apps that were accessing that feed had a cow until we found the bad character and got rid of it. This is actually one of the problems with XML; a conforming XML parser is supposed to have a cow when it finds an invalid character instead of ignoring it or spitting out warnings the way many other document parsers will. This means that you notice errors. It also means that minor errors cause major problems. The first is good; the second is a complete pain.

Rock Band went as usual, but it was just me and Steve. Apparently, Pro mode is really difficult. Steve’s been trying it for a few days and not getting very far, even on Easy. I’m glad now that I stayed with the regular controllers. I don’t think I have enough time to spare to deal with Pro mode right now.