XP Pale Ale by Bear RepublicI saw this on the shelf while getting some Czechvar on Thursday for the party on Saturday with Stephanie’s cow-orkers. Had to take a picture. It’s almost certain that somebody at Bear Republic knows a few things about role-playing games; otherwise they would’ve named this beer differently.

Friday, I took a vacation day. So I went to give blood. That went OK, even though the phlebotomist missed my vein the first time or something. She was new and inexperienced, and another person had to come over and adjust the needle so that blood was flowing fast enough.

They wanted to take another sample of blood to see if I could be a platelet donor. Apparently, platelets have a very short shelf life, so they need more platelet donors than you might think. I don’t know whether I could donate platelets, since doing that takes more time than donating blood, and I never seem to have enough time these days.

After that, went to Ikea with Stephanie. Bought a bookcase, which I haven’t put together yet. Well, there’s plenty of time for that. I was going to go shooting with Nacho and Zach tomorrow, but the way they’ve scheduled it, I can’t do that and go to a party with Stephanie’s co-workers that I said I’d go to weeks ago. Ah well, I’ll have to get my rifle range time in another time.