As usual, not much time. Wednesday, I got a copy of “Shards Of Glass In Your Eye”, issue 3, a paper zine written by Kari Tervo. She’d snail-mailed out a ton of copies to a bunch of people who had requested one. It’s totally retro to read stuff published on paper, on the cheap. I hope it doesn’t become some sort of hip thing, because that’d just be silly.

I didn’t get to read more than about 2 pages of the zine, though, since it was the usual Wednesday event of Chinese food and Rock Band. This time, though, we had Rock Band 3. This was new and exciting. They’ve made a bunch of interface changes, but most of them are for the better. And there are a lot of songs with keyboard parts, which is only natural as they want to sell as many of those $80 keyboards as they can. Fortunately for us, you can still play almost everything with older controllers. So we did that, and it was fun.

Work: Trying to get some testing stuff up and running, and the @#$%ing software has nonexistent or really horrible error logging. Sigh.