food court sign saying 'Flavors of Negros'Sometimes, words mean different things in different places. Or something like that. That’s the only possible explanation for this sign. I think.

Friday was pretty quiet—good thing, too, as there were a bunch of people on vacation or working from home. They’re also ripping up the street at a major intersection very near me, which is playing hell with the traffic. When a 3-lane road turns into 1 lane due to some problem with water or sewer lines, it always causes problems.

I took Stephanie out to dinner at Picazzo’s, which was pretty good even though it took a long time. Well, most places are really crowded on a Friday night. It wasn’t all that expensive either, since I’d gotten a coupon from Deal Chicken earlier this week. I saw at least 2 other people using coupons from the same place. We got a ton of food, so there are leftovers for at least one more meal.