George W. Bush with turkey, caption 'How many white turkeys are in this picture?'Finally, back home. Spent most of the week either traveling or visiting the folks. That was interesting, if tiring.

Tuesday, Stephanie and I left early in the morning to fly to Michigan. No real problems getting through security, since the terminal we went to didn’t have any of the new backscatter machines and it was really early in the morning. However, I found that I’d left my cellphone in my car. Oops. But we made it to Chicago and Saginaw without much trouble. However, Stephanie had a bad cold, and Mom wasn’t feeling that well, so we didn’t get a whole lot done besides eating dinner.

Wednesday, it was really cold and windy out, and nobody wanted to go out or do much. So we stayed in. Stephanie still wasn’t feeling well. I got a lot of reading done. (OK, I was reading Changes by Jim Butcher, not anything classic or mind-expanding, but it still counts.)

Thursday was Thanksgiving, which we celebrated in usual style with a huge amount of turkey and side dishes. And we watched the Lions lose horribly, which is also a Thanksgiving tradition. We didn’t have any relatives over; it was just the four of us.

Friday, Stephanie and Mom were feeling a bit better. We didn’t go shopping at 4am, though. Stephanie cooked a huge pot of chicken noodle soup, and we all ate that for lunch, then met Sandy and Al and went with them to the nearby casino. We heard about everything they’d been doing, then I lost $5 on video poker. Stephanie was luckier and only lost $1. After all that, we went back to the house and had yet another Thanksgiving tradition: turkey leftovers!!1!

Saturday: Got up way too early (again) and got to the airport. It felt like it took forever for Stephanie and me to get home. But we did, and that’s the important thing. Moira was really, really happy to see me, and meowed incessantly because of that. The pet-sitter said she’d behaved well, though.