you make kitty cryArgh. Was too tired to do an entry yesterday. But anyway, on Wednesday, the plan was for Steve and Aric to come by for Rock Band after work. I ordered enough food for everyone from the local Chinese takeout place. However, Aric didn’t show up. This left me with a lot of leftovers. There’s nothing wrong with that. It was just a little odd. So Steve and I rocked out; Stephanie was doing a bunch of other stuff that night.

Thursday was relatively quiet. Well, I saw a woman in a bikini leading gigantic otters to revolt against a horrific alien invasion early Thursday morning, which is always interesting. Everyone else in my part of the cube farm was either working from home or on vacation. This could be a little disconcerting for some people. I didn’t mind. I had plenty of stuff to do in tracking down various stupidities related to CSS and a really old version of an include file. Also got to apply a bunch of patches and updates to about 40 machines. This sounds a lot more exciting than it is.