van with a bunch of amateur art on itSunday was pretty relaxing, though I heard far more Moira meow than usual. She was still upset about me being gone for so long. I saw this van in the parking lot when I went to get groceries. It was kind of interesting, though I don’t know what the owner’s neighbors think of it. “This vehicle art lowers our property values!!1!” is what I think they’d say. Maybe I’m underestimating people, though.

Right after lunch, I started hearing a loud alarm. I thought it was one of my neighbors. I wondered why they weren’t taking care of it. I finally went looking for the source of the alarm, and found that it was a leak detector in the closet where the water heater is. It was going off not because of a leak, but because its battery had run down. Sigh. I replaced it, and it stopped making noise.

Stephanie came over for dinner. She brought over some pastry made from daikon and rice flour. This was interesting, but it was a bit bland. No problem. It complemented the spicy chicken dish I’d made well.

Work tomorrow. Oh joy. Well, at least they pay me to go to work, and I have some vacation time to use up in December. This’ll mean a couple of 4-day weeks, which is always much more fun than 5-day weeks.