Samantha the guinea pig, sitting on a bookshelf, looking fuzzyDecember 1. Samantha died that day, so it’s not the world’s best day, at least not for me.

But anyway, it was cold and cloudy on Tuesday. Stephanie had problems with her car’s tires. I had problems with RPM Dependency Hell on a couple of test machines. But the vast majority of stuff is working OK, as far as I can tell. I also spent a bunch of money buying stuff from Amazon for Christmas, since a lot of family and friends have Amazon wishlists. Whatever.

Trivia: Was rather sparse. Only John, Zach, Sarah, Kelli, and I were there for most of the competition. We got second place, though. John took the oil painting that Spencer made for Zach and propped it up behind the bench, so that anyone walking by our table could see it. A few people noticed it. In honor of this oil painting, our team name was “Ceci n’est pas un Zach”, but I don’t think anyone got the reference. Sigh. Well, Kelli showed us her pictures of her new cat, which was interesting, and Spencer said that he’d worked about 10 hours and was going to work more, since he’s now salaried, and they can make him work more than 40 hours/week without any penalties.