vend-a-goat machineTuesday, something that can only be categorized as “badly configured DNS entries” caused a great deal of annoyance. At least I finally figured it out, and changed a bunch of stuff that should prevent the problem from happening again. Sometimes, we can’t move forward, we can only hold the line against the forces of stupidity and ignorance.

Speaking of stupidity and ignorance, this article about a guy who ghostwrites papers for college students in exchange for money should irritate the @#%$ out of you for several reasons.

Trivia: Not everyone was there, but Stephanie and I went, because I hadn’t been in 2 weeks. We ended up getting second place, which is a lot better than nothing. They’re planning a big Thanksgiving event on Nov. 27, which I probably won’t be attending due to travel plans. Apparently, everyone’s going to dress up in superhero costumes for this. I’m sorry I won’t get to see that in person, because some of the group are really serious about costumes and dressing up.