Real Networks sign, with 'Buffering' taped to itI’ve never had this happen to me. Maybe this is because I use Linux for everything at home, and so avoided the whole “streaming media” format war of the early 2000s. Well, YouTube and Adobe have basically won that war, but who knows what the future will bring?

Monday wasn’t that exciting at work. I got some stuff done, at least. The problem with the SCSI disk that I referred to a while back is sort of solved. I’ve got it hooked up, it’s behaving with the kernel, and I can read data off it.

No, the problem is that the disk itself had some sort of hardware failure, and as such, 1 in 4 sectors on the disk is basically toast. I’ve had dd_rescue running on the thing for 2 days, and it’s copied only about 5% of the disk, with metric tons of read errors. This is. . . troubling. Especially so because the disk contains data that this Austin-based rock band would really like to have back and one of the guys in the band mailed the disk to me because he thought I could help out. It’s really annoying when I want to help out, but bad hardware prevents me from doing so.