breaking news: cannabis legalized in the state of New YorkArizona proposition 203 appears to have passed. This is sort of surprising to me, but what the heck. It’s probably a good thing, though I don’t know whether the legislature will overturn the will of the voters again. They did that a few years ago, when a similar proposition won enough votes to be enacted, and the legislature said, “You guys didn’t really mean that!” and overturned it.

Sunday: Not really that much, though I got a call from work at about 8am thanks to something that went FUBAR with networking. It’s really annoying when things like that happen. At least it wasn’t that hard to get 90% of the stuff up and going again once I’d managed to log on.

I also went over to Stephanie’s place and attempted to help her with a plumbing problem. Apparently, the control knob on her shower had broken, and she was trying to replace it but not having any luck. I tried to help, but I couldn’t get the collar piece off the pipe. I must’ve been doing it wrong. Well, I managed to help install a new control knob, though I couldn’t replace the internal valve. It must be something really simple. I’m just not a plumber; I’ve spent most of my time in the last 11 years doing stuff with computers.

Monday tomorrow. Bleah. Well, that’s par for the course. . . .