Hello Cthulhu!  Like Hello Kitty, but more rugose, squamous, and insanity-causingSo on Wednesday, there were a bunch of things at work. At one point, I was trying to IM one person, talk with another person, and take a phone call, all at the same time. Not really recommended. But I think I got most of it done, which was a relief.

Then, I got home and found that I’d gotten a SCSI disk, a SCSI card, and a SCSI cable in the mail. Yay! Sort of. I had planned to plug all those things into my computer and find out what the heck was wrong with the disk. Didn’t quite have enough time for that, but I did manage to get everything physically attached right after Steve, Aric, and Stephanie showed up. Then the food showed up, and some of the soup got spilled on the floor somehow. Party foul! Ah well, we ate fairly well.

Everybody else started playing Rock Band while I plugged the computer in and turned it on. I expected the new SCSI card and disk to show up. I didn’t expect the whole thing to freeze up right after it did the AHCI scan and before going into the BIOS Setup. After multiple resets, I found that on this motherboard, AHCI and SCSI are apparently not compatible. Yikes. And, of course, the bootloader and kernel think that all the disks are AHCI. Getting all the bits working together will take a bit more time and effort than I thought, and I didn’t want to spend all night doing that. So I gave up after a while and spent the rest of the evening singing various songs. Maybe I can get it all done after work on Thursday.

The city’s cut bus service to the absolute minimum on Thursday, so I’m working from home that day. This is not quite as nice as you might think, since I’ll be spending a lot of Thursday with Moira on my lap getting in the way and meowing.