girl with bunny ears playing the violinThe big thing on Friday was, of course, going to First Friday. Stephanie and I first went out for dinner, then met Kelli on Roosevelt St fairly early on in the night. Unlike the last time we’d gone, they hadn’t closed off the street. So there were a ton of people walking around and trying to look at stuff, with a bunch of cars trying to go by at normal traffic speeds. This did not work out that well.

Anyway, we were all a little disappointed that there were so few booths set up and not nearly as many vendors or people up as the last time we’d been to one of these events. Things were a little better south of Roosevelt, where they had a few more galleries open and more people out on the street. “Looks like a lot of the people that were on the street last time have moved here,” I said. But there weren’t quite as many pieces of good art out as there were last time, which was annoying. I bought a pack of Christmas cards and a small and cheap print of the painting pictured above, because Stephanie liked it.

So: Not much else, although Kelli said that she’s adopting a kitten tomorrow. This will be very interesting for her, but it’ll produce some cute pictures.