cat with sunglasses saying 'Cool story, Bro' Wednesday actually didn’t have that much happening in it, but I was pretty tired by the end of it. Steve and Aric came over for Rock Band, but I didn’t have enough food for all of us. I thought Aric wasn’t showing up. So we ended up eating at a nearby pizza place instead before rocking out. I sang a bunch of stuff, some of it on Hard, and we found that they’ve re-skinned the Xbox interface (again). Meh.

Thursday was about the same as far as work went. The bus was a bit late. And apparently, there’s something wrong with one of Stephanie’s toilets. I stopped by her house after dinner. I found:

  1. there’s an immovable shelf about 3″ above the toilet tank
  2. the flapper valve was a bit dodgy
  3. the rod connecting the handle to the chain to the valve was almost rusted through, and the chain had fallen off
  4. the valve on the water line that’s supposed to let you shut the water off doesn’t totally work.

The last point is the most serious thing, of course. The shelf just made it inconvenient to find the chain and hook it up to the less rusted part of the rod. With a trip to Home Despot, I could fix the flapper and the handle. The valve on the water line will probably require an actual plumber and not a computer guy.