annoying vuvuzela maker and popularizer Freddie MaakeElection Day generated a bunch of things that were at least as annoying as a vuvuzela. I got at least 3 robo-calls on Tuesday, which were about as welcome as a root canal.

I also dropped off my early ballot at the polling place before work. Everything was working well, every poll worker was following proper procedure, and nobody was getting intimidated as far as I could see. That’s a good sign.

Work was relatively normal. I didn’t go to trivia, mostly because I was too tired. Stephanie didn’t want to go to trivia either. We did decide that we might want to go to the First Friday thing happening on Nov. 5. That’ll probably be interesting, now that the weather’s nice enough that it’s possible to wander around in the streets for a few hours without frying.

Not sure what to think about the preliminary political results as of about 21:18 MST. Maybe the following JPEG sums it up:
I have seen the end, no one was spared, not even the children!