this is an outrageElection day! Always a fun thing. I spent most of the day working on some stuff that’ll be heavily used on election day, which is always interesting. Also, an unclosed <div> on a web page can make that web page look seriously messed up. That wasted about 15 minutes. Fortunately, it was easy to fix once I’d located the problem.

I also missed the deadline for mailing in my early ballot, which means I’ll be taking mine to the polling place early tomorrow morning to get it scanned. Sigh. Well, it’ll give the poll workers something to do.

Monday night, Stephanie drove me over to her place and cooked dinner. I brought Moira along, as part of the campaign to try to get her used to Stephanie’s cats. Moira was meowing and hissing up a storm, of course, but this time, she got out of her cat carrier and hid under the computer desk. I thought this was slightly better than the previous time I brought her over, when Moira hid in her carrier and hissed the whole time.

Ah yes: Vote tomorrow, if you haven’t already. Also, think about voting Libertarian, because doing so will piss off both the Republican party and the Democratic party. Both major parties are intellectually and morally bankrupt, and have neither good ideas nor the will to implement good ideas if they accidentally stumbled over any. The only good option we voters have is to tell them both to STFU, GBTW, and come up with reasonable solutions to the problems that face the nation—and the only way to do that is with votes and money. Most of us don’t have nearly enough money to influence politics, but most of us do have a vote.

So get out there and use it. People have fought and died for a privilege many of us take for granted, or don’t even bother to exercise.