strange car that looks like a red cartoon person with an open mouthPeople can and will create all kinds of strange things when they build custom cars.

Thursday was reasonably quiet at work. At least some of the ridiculously horrible problems with the ludicrous “security standards” the Payment Card Industry has demanded are fixed. I’m sure it’s only a temporary reprieve. They’ll continue to increase the requirements until the only systems that can pass those requirements are those systems under their direct control. Then merchants will have a Hobson’s Choice; they can either pay exorbitant amounts to PCI for using their systems, or pay exorbitant fines to PCI for using “insecure” systems. It’s a monopolist’s dream, it’s costing thousands of businesses enormous amounts of money for no real purpose, and the legislators and investigative journalists who should be investigating this issue are asleep at the switch.

Finished off the leftovers. No idea what I’m going to have for dinner tomorrow. Frozen stuff? Grilled cheese? Quesadillas? Ramen with meat and vegetables? All of those are possibilities.

This morning, Moira was growling and hissing at nothing. I guess there was residual Pinto smell somewhere in the living room. Tonight, she’s quiet.