hairless cat attacking a couch, caption 'Death to all couch'Anyway. Busy yesterday, that’s why there was no entry. The only reason I have time to write one today is that there’s no Rock Band going on. So:

Trivia: Went reasonably well. Scott was there, as were most of the group except Nathan and Troy. So we didn’t do well on sports questions, but were hanging on. Everybody seemed to be excited about some TV show or other. “I’d rather go without food than go without my DVR,” Sarah said at one point, and several other people agreed. I just don’t have time to watch TV, so I wonder where they’re all coming from.

Wednesday was. . . surprisingly less busy than I’d thought it would be. One really stupid problem that I thought would take a long time to fix was resolved fairly quickly with “oops, we spelled your username wrong on the new box, try again.” And they had a catered lunch for us and a bunch of other people, mostly because a project we launched on Sep 1 is actually working pretty well. Yay!

Wednesday night, instead of Rock Band, Stephanie brought Pinto over in his cat carrier, so he could meet Moira. This didn’t go as well as planned; Moira growled and hissed and made huge amounts of noise. Pinto was much more blasé about being in an unfamiliar house and sniffed everything. I guess we’ll keep doing this, or something, to get each other’s cats used to each other.