a brand new computer desk in black metal and glassWednesday, I took a personal day, so I slept late. Stephanie also took a day off, since it was her birthday. So I took her out to IKEA to go shopping for a new computer desk. She didn’t really like what they had there, so we just ate lunch there.

Then we went to Costco, where I found a replacement for my digicam. They didn’t have any really good Olympus cameras, so I got a Nikon Coolpix P100. I used it to take the picture above. It has many, many more features than my old camera had, and it can take movies with sound. Serious professionals would sneer at it, of course, but it should serve my needs fairly well.

We still had no desk. So I took her to Fried Electronics, where we found a pretty good desk. We also found that the bathrooms were being remodeled, or something, so the only bathrooms available were upstairs along a badly marked route that went by the employee break room. They were putting up more signs, at least.

I put Stephanie’s new desk together. This took longer than it should’ve. One part of the instructions was a bit unclear, and several screws didn’t want to go in. But it all worked, and now she has a working keyboard tray.

Then we went to dinner at Fired Up Grill, which was harder to find than it should’ve been. No matter. We dined on meatloaf, jalapeƱo crab cakes, and grouper, and it was pretty tasty and reasonably cheap thanks to the coupon I’d gotten from Deal Chicken a while back. So: Productive day. Back to work tomorrow. . . .