capybara sleeping at the San Diego ZooCapybara sleeping! I hope to be following this fuzzy guy’s example tomorrow, since I took a personal day.

Tuesday at work was a lot less interesting than it could’ve been. But boring is usually a good thing when dealing with production data. Putting new disks into the spare NFS server worked fairly well, so that’s a load off our minds. The extra disk space will help us avoid a ton of silly problems in the future.

Trivia: We were doing OK, but not winning when I left in the middle of the 5th round. In honor of Kelli’s shirt, our team name was “Godzilla vs. Puffin”. Apparently, Trevor’s planning a Bad Movie Night for Sunday, Sep 26. Don’t know if that’ll work out. Nathan wasn’t there last week; this was because of a talent show at the high school he works at. He said there were at least a couple of good acts, at least. Zach’s going car shopping this weekend, even though I don’t think anyone has any superhero costumes ready.