capybara swimmingSaturday, we spent a lot of time at the San Diego Zoo, where we saw a whole bunch of animals including capybaras, pandas, guanacos, and polar bears. Not all the pictures turned out, of course. I blame part of this on using Stephanie’s camera, which I’m totally not used to. This picture was pretty good. I didn’t get a good shot of two capybaras nuzzling each other in the water, though.

The polar bears were interesting; they were either totally lethargic or industriously goofing around with balls. The pandas all had their backs to the audience. They took pictures of us as we were getting on the bus for the bus tour, but I blinked, so we didn’t get that picture.

After a day spent mostly at the zoo, we met Stephanie’s parents for dinner at a local Chinese buffet. That was a good cap to the day.