huge guy eating a huge burger while wearing a yellow crash helmetThis picture has almost nothing to do with Wednesday, which was really pretty normal all around. The most exciting thing that happened was that we learned that the new disks we ordered are sitting on someone’s desk, and it may take days for them to actually get put in the right machines; days that it’d really be better not to spend. Sigh.

No Rock Band thanks to some other stuff involving Steve’s son and Ultimate Frisbee games. We may be rockless until the middle of October. However will we survive? Anyway, Stephanie and I finished off the last of the enchilada casserole.

This looked interesting, so I spent $20 on it. I don’t think it’s possible to buy another one of those now, though. The owner of that restaurant was apparently fired by a Pointy-Haired Boss, and when he was fired, a bunch of other employees walked off in solidarity, forcing the Buca di Beppo to close for the night. I hope it’ll be worth it. I’ll probably get to find out next week.