Nice place. Be a shame if anything happened to it, eh?Tuesday had a bunch of relatively normal work things. Well, the database had a cow around 2:11pm, but that was relatively easily fixed. And that was about it for work.

Trivia: Almost everyone was there, except for Nathan. We won and almost got a perfect score. Apparently, everyone’s still planning on dressing up as superheroes for the Thanksmas thing, though it appears as though it’ll be held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Zach said that he wanted to have everyone dress up as superheroes and then go car shopping with him, since he’s in the market for a new car. “Does this car have. . . shark repellent? What about a grappling hook?” OK, that’d just be completely silly, but it’d certainly give the people at multiple car dealerships something to talk about for several weeks.