Football! Sorta. The Cardinals were trying really, really hard to lose the game, but they failed. I’m sure all the NFL commentators will be saying, “What the @#$% was going on out there?” Bad timing between QB and receivers, too many 3-and-outs, and a running game that consisted entirely of Tim Hightower are just not going to scare anybody. But at least we got to see Adrian Wilson block a field goal. They really need to work the kinks out of the offense, or it’ll be a return to the old days of Cardinal football, when they were lucky to be at .500. Anyway. And the Lions probably should’ve won, but they got denied. Sigh.

My old digicam has apparently died after 8 years of faithful service. This is really annoying. My cellphone has a camera, but it’s got a really narrow aperture, a permanent wide-angle lens, and a half-second lag between pushing the shutter and actually taking the picture. So I’m looking for something that has decent optics and TTL. Nothing really cheap does TTL, which seems predictable yet annoying. This is why there’s no picture today—how better to show the loss of a camera than with no image?