pancake impression, you're doing it rightFriday was a relatively ordinary day. Got sent on a wild goose chase by a user who couldn’t figure out why his inflammatory, ill-informed, and monotonous political rants weren’t drawing an audience. Unfortunately, “good customer service” prevented me from telling him the truth, which was that people weren’t reading his posts for whatever reason. The infrastructure was working perfectly as far as I could tell. His assertion that several people had commented on a post he made and those comments had been deleted was not borne out by examination of the database binary logs. Maybe that user was suffering from senile dementia, or wishful thinking. Both things are much more common in AZ than you might expect.

Went out for lunch, got meatballs, fried rice, and salad. It was tasty.

Moira was meowing like crazy when I got home. Also got a call from Pat, who wondered why there were so many crazy people in AZ. “100+ F heat for months at a time bakes peoples’ brains?” I said. This may be true.

Looking forward to the weekend. It’s NFL season! YEAAAAAH!