Stimpy pressing the shiny, jolly, candy-like Universe Destruction ButtonThursday had no shiny, jolly, candy-like buttons of swift irreversible destruction. It did have a presentation by some people high up in the management chain, which took over an hour and started 15 minutes late. This presentation was (almost) content-free, full of weasel words, and a complete waste of time for just about everyone involved.

I don’t know what drives people to do things like that. But anyway, most of the rest of the day was OK. The higher-ups said that our business unit had done well by getting a bunch of page views. My boss said, “Thanks, Matt.” “It wasn’t just me. ($OTHER_PEOPLE) helped quite a bit with the high traffic we got that one time,” I said. This is true; when there were lots of people looking at our website, I had a couple of smart people (Chris and Dillon) helping me out with getting newer, better web servers hooked up and working properly.

Anyway. There were no major crises on Thursday, which is always a good thing. Here’s hoping that trend lasts until Monday.