Wolverine with spoons instead of clawsBack to work Tuesday, but it was mostly OK. Got some stuff done, and so forth. Also scheduled a service tech to take a look at my broken A/C unit on Wednesday morning. I’ll be working from home tomorrow, which is a little annoying, but doable.

Trivia: Almost everyone was there. Apparently, Sarah said, “I’m inviting Ben to Thanksgiving,” and Zach misheard that, and said, “You’re inviting Batman? That’s totally awesome.” Because of this miscommunication, the plan for Thanksgiving (or Halloween?) is for everyone to dress up in superhero costumes and have a party. This could be interesting. Zach suggested that I go as Forge, from the X-Men, but that’s just a bit obscure. Nathan said that he was going to get a white suit and a bald wig and go as the Kingpin, which would kind of work. Zach said that he might dye all his hair blue and go as the Beast, but I think that’s unlikely. It’s all sort of academic for me, since I probably won’t be in AZ for Thanksgiving.